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I have frieze carpet and I have many damaged fuzzy spots. The carpet came with the house new two years ago and no one told me what type of vacuum to use. I do not even know the brand of the carpet. I had no idea all carpets couldn't be cleaned with a beater vacuum. What type of suction only vacuum is recommended? Anyone with specific infor would be appreciated!! I have two cats and I think a beater bar is going to be missed.
Category: Carpet Post By: LEONARD AGUILAR (Santa Maria, CA), 02/08/2019

Some vacuums have a lever to switch from floors to carpet which floors has suction only and carpet uses the beater bar. I think with the carpet you have a beater bar vacuum is fine to use. I only know of one manufacturer that won't warranty any of their carpet if a Dyson is used on it. Most of the carpet they make is wool and berber style which is good for a suction only vacuum.

- BRETT RHODES (Thornton, CO), 03/07/2019

Here is Shaw's info on vacuums.Shaw Carpet: Vacuuming Tips for the Best Flooring Care Here is the pertinent part.Select the best vacuum for your type of carpet Shaw recommends using vacuums with a rotating brush or combination beater/brush bar that agitates the carpet pile and mechanically loosens soil for removal. Carpet with thick loop pile construction, particularly wool and wool-blend styles, may be sensitive to brushing or rubbing of the pile surface and may become fuzzy. In addition, shag (or cabled) styles with long pile yarns tend to wrap around the rotating brushes causing damage to the yarn. For these products, Shaw recommends a suction-only vacuum or a vacuum with an adjustable brush lifted away from the carpet so it does not agitate the pile. Be sure to test a vacuum with a beater/brush bar in an inconspicuous location before regular use, to make sure it doesn't produce excessive fuzzing.

- JULIE COLLINS (Bend, OR), 04/29/2019

Could be a poly friezes are not long enough to be tangled in beater bar Super shags yes,possible but normal friezes no issue I vacuum my daughters shag all the time via beater bar (nylon), 3 +yrs later no problem Inferior fiber IMO

- WESLEY WONG (Suffolk, VA), 03/03/2019

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